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Medical Tourism

West Palm Beach's Unique View On Health & Wealth through Tourism in South Florida
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“BIENVENIDOS” means “welcome” in spanish. And we welcome you not only to our website but to explore the beauty that lies within Sunny South Florida!

Here at Medical Tourism, you might be thinking that this site would be about medical topics and such. Well it kind of is, but with our special twist to it šŸ˜‰


See, we think when you can use tourism to help alleviate the pressures of life, stress, and anxiety, it brings a holistic healing to the heart and soul that pills could never do. Don’t get us wrong. We believe and understand the importance of prescriptionsĀ and such (though the industry is really all about money and not as much about curing, but that’s another subject).


So why all the South Florida Photos?

We want to give you a taste of what life is like in good ole South Florida. Whether its the beautiful millionaire homes owned by Donald Trump or Oprah in West Palm Beach. The million dollar yachts in Fort Lauderdale, which happens to have the largest yacht celebration day in America. Or the world-renowned street of Ocean Drive in South Beach where the best movies have been made like the Godfather, South Florida is by far (in our view) the most beautifully diverse location in the USA.

So we want to show you some photos of not only who we are, but what we represent here in Medical Tourism. This is our life and hopefully seeing these sights in person will bring peace to your soul. Check out some of these sweet pictures from the SoFlo area:

Beaches of South Florida

10-medical tourism west palm beach fl-south florida lifestyles


Sky View of South Florida

South Beach FL medical-tourism-west-palm-beach-fl-south-florida-lifestyles


Hollywood Beach

12-medical tourism west palm beach fl-south florida lifestyles


Ocean View of Miami Inlet

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The Beauty of SoFlo Lifestyle

As you can see, there is so much tourist activities to do here from Palm Beach to Key West. Remember this though: you don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy this.

The problem with us Floridians is we take for granted what’s in our back yard. We need to remember that people save up their yearly savings just to come enjoy one week of leisure and fun. And we have the privilege to live in paradise. We live where other people vacation.

So to all my native Floridians, let’s remember to go to the beach more often.

Take trips on the boats and yachts throughout the Atlantic and our inter coastal.

Rent a limousine for fun with a bunch of friends, and cruise through the night in style.

And to everyone visiting one of the seven wonders of the world, we welcome you. Enjoy our city, our culture, our people, our food, our lifestyle.

This is South Florida.